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North Korea says missile test shows all US within range

North korea has hailed as a achievement its present day test of an intercontinental ballistic missile (icbm), describing it as a “stern caution” for the usa. North korean leader kim jong-un said the test proved that the entire us was within striking range, country media mentioned. The release came 3 …

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China set to launch an ‘unhackable’ internet communication

As malicious hackers mount ever greater sophisticated assaults, china is about to release a new, “unhackable” communications network – as a minimum inside the experience that any assault on it would be speedy detected. The technology it has turned to is quantum cryptography, a thorough wreck from the conventional encryption …

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North Korea’s missile programme

    North korea’s missile arsenal has improved over the a long time from crude artillery rockets derived from world battle ii designs to checking out what it says are long-range missiles that can be capable of strike targets inside the us. Developing intercontinental missiles North korea’s state-of-the-art efforts are …

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Sri Lanka signs deal on Hambantota port with China

  Sri lanka has signed a $1.1bn (£837m) deal with china for the control and development of the southern deep-sea port of hambantota. The deal were delayed by using several months over issues that the port will be utilized by the chinese navy. The government has given assurances that china …

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