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Hiding out among the net’s criminal class

  Security researcher liam o’murchu lives a double existence. And every so often a triple life. Now after which he divides himself even extra thinly. Dwelling a couple of lives is a part of his activity with safety company symantec, which also involves being a covert part of the boards, …

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Robot cracks open safe live on Def Con’s stage

  The use of a cheap robot, a crew of hackers has cracked open a main-logo aggregate secure, live on level in las vegas. The group from sparkfun electronics was able to open a sentrysafe secure in around half-hour. The robot is able to reduce the wide variety of possible …

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Kasparov: ‘Embrace’ the AI revolution

  People must embody the alternate smart machines offer society, says former chess world champion garry kasparov. In a speech at def con in las vegas he said the rise of artificially intelligent machines would not be a big threat to humanity. However, he stated, there was probably to be …

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